Ingane Yami

Ingane Yami

Ingane Yami is the isiZulu word for “My Child”. Ingane Yami is a permanent, loving home for orphaned and vulnerable children.  The Village is based in the Shongweni Valley in Kwa-Zulu Natal and consists of individual homes, each belonging to a carefully selected foster mother and six children. The families are supported holistically with amazing on-site facilities that ensure the emotional, educational, physical and spiritual needs of each child is met.

The first child to have arrived at the Village in 2012 was a little 6 year old boy named Andile. He had been rescued from a tragic situation, abandoned by his parents at such a young age. Ingane Yami was his new home.


Soon after he arrived, in 2015 Tennis+ took Andile under their wing and committed to carving out a love-for and confidence-in tennis. He began as a 9 year old child with no formal sports training, no ball skills, having had no opportunity to play tennis whatsoever; and has now flourished into a passionate, confident tennis player who finds so much joy on the tennis court!


“We are so grateful to Mark Vorwerk and the team from Tennis+ for really adopting Andile into their tennis family and giving him such a valuable life skill. Not only does he have fun, he’s also learnt valuable coordination, has a chance to get some energy out, and meet other children his age. As a children’s Village we are blown away by Tennis+ weekly commitment over all of these years to see Andile flourish in the area of tennis. We have no doubt his skills learnt there has transpired into every aspect of his life, adding to his confidence and overall state of being. We look forward to maintaining and growing this relationship for many years to come”


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