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The Tennis+ team wishes all our pupils  a very Happy Birthday !


Week 35


25-Calet de Vos

27- Christo Janse van Rensburg / Liam Becket

28- Holly Hodges

29- Jack Hayes / Etienne Engelbrecht / Cole Crause / Mirthe Janse van Rensburg


Week 34


18- Tori Ridgard / Lungelo Pons

19- Hayden Bishop / Darren Lewis

21- Shawna Hart

22- Josh Edgar/ Kelly Jansens ter laeck / Unami Mfusi/ Toni & Jenna Botha




We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy using your birthday voucher when you go to Piggly Wiggly Coffee Shoppe or Bridglee Coffee Shop!!!

Please make sure that we have your correct details so that you don't miss out :)

Tennis+ Player Ratings

An exciting addition to the Tennis+ website is a comprehensive internal rating list of all Tennis+ pupils. These ratings will be used for all Tennis+ tournaments, selection of junior club league sides as well as keeping track of the progress of each pupil.

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New Initiatives

TENNIS+ is also proud to announce the following new initiatives:

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