Your tennis game is like a flat tyre, if you don't stop and
change it, it won't get any better.
~ Tennis Plus

Tennis Plus

Welcome to Tennis+ your comprehensive Tennis coaching provider in the upper highway and KZN midlands area. We are a dedicated team who are passionate about our game, and see it as our mission to transfer such passion to all our pupils and players. Our motto is Play. Learn. Compete. Each of these elements are a key component of every lesson that we provide.

Mark Vorwerk (Tennis+ Director of Coaching), Justin Bircher (Registered Biokineticist), Brent Grimsley (Registered Physiotherapist), Stuart Bartlett (Registered Biokineticist).

All Tennis+ coaches are registered with TSA, and we continuously update our coaching skills with the latest international best practice, and follow the International Tennis Federations guidelines.